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Excess body fat and loose skin are common but troublesome problems faced by many men. As a result of the aging process and our natural hormonal balance, that masculine, sculpted look can become less visible over time especially in the chest, abdomen and flanks. Despite all our hard work in the gym those stubborn bulges often remain. Fortunately there’s a new and innovative alternative for body sculpting that works and fits your busy professional and social schedules.

The BodyTite™Advantage – “Surgical Results Without Surgery”

Whether it’s to sculpt your abdomen, reduce flank fat or to contour oversized male breasts, BodyTite™ can provide the results you want with a recovery time that fits your busy schedule. BodyTite™ is a revolutionary, FDA approved body contouring system that’s been proven to be safer and faster than other conventional liposuction. BodyTite™ uses safe and proven radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL™) technology to gently and smoothly help remove areas of stubborn fat with the all-important added benefit of significant skin contraction. BodyTite™ is virtually painless and it’s performed as an outpatient, office-based procedure with local anesthesia. You’ll only need a single treatment to see the results you want.

The Body Contouring Ladder for Men

  • Level 0 – Diet and Exercise – always a good idea!
  • Level I – CoolSculpting® – The industry leader for non-invasive fat removal. At Total Aesthetics™ we’ve been CoolSculpting since 2012. Best for localized areas of fat without significant associated skin excess. No anesthesia needed and essentially no recovery time.
  • Level II – BodyTite™ – Minimally-invasive fat removal plus skin tightening. Allows larger amounts of fat removal and provides up to 45% skin tightening in treated areas. Office procedure performed with local anesthesia.
  • Level III – Liposuction – Still the “gold standard” for fat removal but usually requires general anesthesia or sedation and entails a more involved recovery period with more risks and cost. Does not provide skin tightening.
  • Level IV – Surgical Correction – Allows greatest amount of skin and tissue tightening and is commonly combined with liposuction. Usually requires general anesthesia and results in scarring and longer recovery times.

Total Aesthetics™ Advantage

BodyTite™ can be performed on almost any body area including the face. Areas such as the abdomen, flank, lower back, arms, breasts and neck/jawline are most commonly treated. At Total Aesthetics™ you’ll receive the safety and comfort of an AAAASF accredited surgicenter plus the benefit of a board certified plastic surgeon with over 35 years of surgical experience. Our goal is to provide you with the highest standards of safety and sterility to produce a superior result – each and every time.

We’re happy to answer all your questions about body contouring and we’ll help you navigate the confusing landscape of aesthetic procedures to choose the techniques that will best achieve your aesthetic goal with a recovery time and price point that respects your schedule and your budget.